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Emotional Awareness and Expression

Hopefully, many of you will find this to be a dry blog because you’re already living what I’m about to discuss. However, as a therapist and coach for decades, I’ve found that the majority of people I encounter struggle with identifying and/or expressing their feelings.  Most of these folks happen to be male—no surprise, as […]

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Life…As I Continue to Discover It

by Robert White Writing a personal essay for the men’s anthology was a delight.  Sometimes writing is sheer agony; so when it flows easily, I know I should notice and be grateful for whatever force is moving through me and onto the page. My subject was identity and I shared about three identities that have […]

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You Go, Gentlemen!

by Paula Robbins It is often said that men are less emotional than women, and I have to say that I completely disagree. There are men that do hold back on readily expressing deeper emotions. However, my experience has been that given the right opportunity, the right connection, men can experience very deep emotions, and […]

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