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An Integral Part of Wholeness

With Whole Man Expo now around the corner, I want to highlight a dimension of wholeness that I consider central—the hub of the wheel:  spirituality.   For me, the crux of spirituality is the sincere awe that one develops in his heart for the glory and magnificence of  a Higher Power, however one idealizes that Force.   […]

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The Ultimate Men’s Summit

I am delighted to be participating in the Ultimate Men’s Summit, an online extravaganza beginning June 10th that will involve registrants from 126 nations. Presented by the dynamic Shift Network founded by Stephen Dinan, this event is designed to activate and forward men’s consciousness.  As we gradually emerge from a 5500-year culture that has ingrained […]

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The Road to My Story

by Sam Nanfito Being a part of Jim Sharon’s men’s anthology has been a provoking, rewarding, and sometimes taxing process.  Jim first asked me to be a part of the project in September or October of 2010; I can’t say exactly when because my life has been in such constant motion that I am just […]

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Life…As I Continue to Discover It

by Robert White Writing a personal essay for the men’s anthology was a delight.  Sometimes writing is sheer agony; so when it flows easily, I know I should notice and be grateful for whatever force is moving through me and onto the page. My subject was identity and I shared about three identities that have […]

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Some Prominent Gender Shifts

Two major magazine articles published last year portrayed women surpassing men in various areas of the workforce and in higher education. “Newsweek’s” cover story, September 27, 2010, “Man Up!” (MU)  by Andrew Romano and Tony Dokoupil , related that 70% of the U.S. workforce in 1945 was comprised of men; last year that percentage declined […]

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A Review of the First Six Months

Here are some brief reflections about progress on the anthology through January, 2011. 1) My initial lukewarm feeling about compiling this anthology quickly gave rise to excitement and passion as: a) so many colleagues, friends and acquaintances expressed enthusiasm about the need for such a book and their interest in it b) I assembled a […]

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