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Why Whole Man Expo?

Energy for Life is very pleased to present the 2nd Whole Man Expo Saturday, September 8, 2012, 8:30 am – 6:00 pm at The Cable Center on the Denver University campus.  Essentially, this event is being offered to honor and celebrate what folks admire, respect and value about men, as well as to educate the […]

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Road Rage

The subject of road rage is on my mind because I witnessed an incident of it during a recent trip to Los Angeles and when I returned, a client presented with some big consequences for his episode.  As we all know, these outbursts remain common despite stronger laws in many areas, resulting in harsher punishment […]

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My Own Wholeness

As Whole Man Expo has been widely publicized (especially in the Front Range of Colorado), I would both hope and suspect that many people have wondered, “how do I measure up as a whole person?”  I regard this as a much more substantive and meaningful question than wondering how one measures up in terms of […]

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A Well-Balanced Man

by Jeff Klein As we approach the release of Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives:  Defining Moments, the question of “what is a well-balanced man?” may be a relevant one to consider. As context for this exploration, let’s recognize that “balance” does not necessarily mean “of equal size or proportions.” It takes considerably more oil blended with […]

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Ten Magnificent Days

The blockbuster men’s consciousness-raising event “The Ultimate Men’s Summit,” was experienced by millions of registrants from 126 nations between June 10 – 19, 2011.  Seventy-five prominent leaders in the men’s and human potential movements broadcasted presentations that were accessible by phone and on the internet.  I listened to several of them, yet wish I could […]

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Celebrating Fathers

From a physical standpoint, a man merely needs to impregnate a woman to become a father.  Being a highly attentive father who develops a nurturing, supportive, and intimate relationship with his children requires at least as much focus and resources as is needed to maintain a solid marriage. As the father of three adult children […]

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Main Myths of Masculinity

As I listened to various online recordings of presenters at The Ultimate Men’s Summit http://ultimatemenssummit.com during its first few days, one that I found particularly substantive was entitled “Five Myths of Masculinity,” delivered by Michael Taylor.  Mr. Taylor is the President and CEO of Creation Publishing Group, as well as an author and TV host.  […]

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The Ultimate Men’s Summit

I am delighted to be participating in the Ultimate Men’s Summit, an online extravaganza beginning June 10th that will involve registrants from 126 nations. Presented by the dynamic Shift Network founded by Stephen Dinan, this event is designed to activate and forward men’s consciousness.  As we gradually emerge from a 5500-year culture that has ingrained […]

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Pickles, Prunes and Papas

After chuckling at the Pickles comic strip (by Brian Crane) in the Sunday, April  10, 2011 edition of the Denver Post, I immediately knew that I had blog material.  In that comic an elderly man is informing his young grandson that prunes are actually dried plums, just as raisins are merely dried-up grapes.  His grandson […]

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Masking Male Depression

Psychotherapists who are accustomed to working with men’s issues, including myself, have long been familiar with men’s diversion patterns to avoid facing and/or openly acknowledging their depression.  I wish to cite books by two eminent psychotherapists concerning this epidemic tendency. In his book I Don’t Want to Talk About It,” Terrence Real, a nationally-renowned marriage […]

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